Dr. André Franck

Dr André Henry Franck is a general Practitioner from Antwerp (Belgium). He is qualified with an MD at the University of Louvain, Belgium and completed his Masters in tropical medicine and Gerontology. He is a family practitioner and recognised as an expert in medical nutrition

Dr Franck has held esteemed positions as a food expert in the Flemish Scientific Society of General Practitioners and was past President of the Obesitas Forum Obesité. He has also been a member of the Scientific Advisory Boards of the VIG Flemish Institute of Health Promotion (Flemish Government), Belgian Cardiologic Ligue and the Belgian Society of Health and Nutrition. He has published work in Flemish and French and presented at conferences on obesity, cardiovascular diseases, organisation of health policy, preventive and curative medicine.

Dr Franck has been a member of the Alpro Foundation Scientific Advisory Board for 18 years. Since March 2020 he is our first honorary member.