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Video: 2 hours 20 mins
20 September 2022

Soya Series Part 2 of 3: Soya isoflavones and the endocrine system

This event is part two of a special three-part webinar series called "The Future of Soya for Health and Sustainability - Sharing Global Learnings". Part 2 will provide an overview of the latest peer-reviewed research papers on soya and the endocrine system.

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This event is the second part of a special three-part webinar series on "The Future of Soya for Health and Sustainability – Sharing Global Learnings". Soya has been part of the traditional Asian cuisine for centuries – and it is fast becoming an increasing part of the global diet. In this series, you will hear from internationally-acclaimed experts discussing the latest research across the globe and exploring the future of soya – for both health and sustainability.

Part 2 of this series will provide you with an overview of the very latest peer-reviewed research papers on soya and the endocrine system. It will investigate the latest data on the safety of soya for human consumption as well as opinion among research and nutrition professionals. You will learn a) how soya impacts on women’s health particularly in relation to bone and fat metabolism, b) the latest evidence in relation to soya and breast cancer risk, and c) the latest research in the role of soya isoflavones in human health beyond their oestrogen receptor association.

This webinar has been designed for:

  • Academics

  • Industry professionals

  • Policy makers

  • Child health professionals

  • Dietitians

  • Nutritionists

  • Other health professionals with an interest in this topic

The 140 minute webinar was broadcasted live on 20th September

The webinar includes recorded lectures from the speakers; each will also answer audience questions. At each live session, Chair Tanya Haffner will be providing insights; nutrition expert with experience in soya Elphee Medici will also be available to address some live questions. A full question and answer document will also be provided to attendees after the events.

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Tanya Haffner
Chair: Tanya Haffner CEO, Registered Dietitian, MyNutriWeb

Human research and the safety of soy foods

Associate Professor Mark Messina
Professor Mark Messina, Director of Nutrition Science and Research, Soy Nutrition Institute Global

Soy and women’s health: a focus on bone and fat metabolism

Professor Yoshiko Ishimi
Professor Yoshiko Ishimi, Tokyo NODAI Research Institute, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Tokyo

Evidence on soy foods and breast cancer risk

Professor Sabine Ellinger
Professor Sabine Ellinger, Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences, Human Nutrition, University of Bonn

Benefits of isoflavones beyond the estrogen receptors

Professor Hirofumi Tachibana
Professor Hirofumi Tachibana, Professor, Kyushu University
Elphee Medici
Elphee Medici, BSc, PGDip Guest nutrition expert and moderator with experience in soy