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Alpro Foundation research grants

Alpro Foundation celebrates and supports innovative scientific research by providing research grants for plant-based nutrition research.

Latest grant process

The 2022 process solicited research proposals aimed at improving the understanding of nutritional, health and environmental aspects of incorporation of plant-based dairy alternatives in the context of the whole diet in European populations. The next call for applications will open in autumn 2023.

Current funded research

These projects are currently being supported by Alpro Foundation.

Encouraging behavioural shifts towards sustainable diets through understanding and closing intention-behaviour gaps in the consumption of animal-based protein

Dr Kate Laffan, Assistant Prof. in Behavioural Science
University College Dublin, Ireland

Aim of the study is to investigate the intention-behaviour gaps in the consumption of animal-based proteins and to identify behavioural intervention strategies which can be employed to close these gaps.

Communicating the environmental impact of plant-based recipes

Dr Christian Reynolds, Senior Lecturer
Centre for Food Policy, City University, London

This current Alpro Foundation research grant study is utilising new technology to calculate the environmental impacts of digital recipes using ingredient level data to create practical tools for consumers.