Alpro Foundation research grants

Alpro Foundation celebrates and supports innovative scientific research by providing research grants for plant-based nutrition research.

2023 research grant applications are now closed

This year's topic was 'The Fibre Gap'. The recipient will be announced in due course.

Current funded research

These projects are currently being supported by Alpro Foundation.

Replacing dairy with plant-based alternatives in German children and adolescents: A modelling analysis on the nutritional and environmental impact

Prof Ute Nöthlings, Full Professor Nutritional Epidemiology, and Dr Ute Alexy, Senior Scientist
Institute of Nutritional and Food Science, University of Bonn, Germany

This project will compare different dietary scenarios taking real-life and complete dietary patterns into account to evaluate varying degrees of substituting consumption of dairy with plant-based alternatives in children and adolescents.

Alpro Foundation funded research publications

Research supported by Alpro Foundation has resulted in over 34 scientific publications.