24 March 2017

The moment for plant-based eating is now

Alpro Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Symposium brought together leading international experts to explore the extensive and mounting evidence for the human and planetary benefits of plant-based eating.


Leading international experts gathered at the Alpro Foundation’s 20th Anniversary Symposium to present and explore the latest evidence supporting the role of plant-based eating in human and planetary health.  The symposium tackled a number of common questions on this topic, including:

  • Is plant-based eating the latest trend or is it here to stay?

  • Current food habits in Europe, how far are they from plant-based eating?

  • Can more plant-based eating contribute to healthier ageing?

  • How can we convince young people to shift to healthier plant-based snacking?

  • How much can the government save in health care costs by promoting plant-based eating?

  • To what extent can our eating habits contribute positively to our planet?





Bernard Deryckere
Co-chair - Bernard Deryckere (Board of Directors Alpro Foundation)
Professor Ian Rowland
Co-chair - Prof. Ian Rowland, Reading University, UK (Chair of Alpro Foundation)

Plant-based eating – should we believe the hype?

Lynne Garton
Lynne Garton, Registered Dietitian and nutritionist (UK)

Current food habits in Europe, far from plant-based eating

Professor Stefaan De Henauw
Prof. Stefaan De Henauw, Ghent University (Belgium)

Plant-based eating and health outcomes: findings from the Adventist Health Study - US perspective

Professor Gary Fraser
Prof. Gary Fraser, Loma Linda University (USA)

Plant-based eating and health outcomes: findings from the EPIC Study - European perspective

Professor Heiner Boeing
Prof. Heiner Boeing, German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam (Germany)

Proven and proposed cardiovascular benefits of soya foods

Associate Professor Mark Messina
Assoc. Prof. Mark Messina, associate professor at Loma Linda University (USA)

Soy in the metabolic syndrome: obesity and diabetes

Dr Marco Mensink
Dr Marco Mensink, Wageningen University (The Netherlands)

Soy improves cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors

Professor Paolo Magni
Prof. Paolo Magni, University of Milano (Italy)

Economic impact of plant-based food patterns in Belgium and the UK

Professor Lieven Annemans
Prof. Lieven Annemans, Ghent University (Belgium)

Sustainability of plant-based eating patterns

Emeritus Professor Harry Aiking
Em. Prof. Harry Aiking, VU Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Sustainable food habits and its potential effect on public health

Professor Katarina Baelter
Prof. Katarina Bälter, Karolinska Institutet / Mälardalen University (Sweden)

Nudging healthier food choice: what works in labs and what is promising in real settings

Associate Professor Dr Armando Perez-Cueto
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Armando Perez-Cueto, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

Nudging adolescents towards plant-based food choices

Dr Hannah Ensaff
Dr. Hannah Ensaff, University of Leeds (UK)

Opportunities for plant-based diets as a sustainable and healthy food choice

Professor Wim Verbeke
Prof. Wim Verbeke, Ghent University (Belgium)