Video: 60 minutes
03 July 2019

Sustainable healthy eating: what does this really look like?

This webinar presents how our current food system is a key factor in global warming, and explores the ground-breaking EAT Lancet diet that can reverse this situation.

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In this webinar, Dr Fabrice DeClerck explains the impact of current dietary choices on the planet’s resources, global warming and population health before presenting in detail, the ground-breaking and world-leading EAT Lancet diet that can reverse the current situation and protect both human health and the planet. Elphee Medici as guest panellist discusses how the EAT Lancet recommendations can be adopted at national level and the implications of shifting dietary patterns towards more plant foods for population groups in particular UK and Ireland.

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Dr. Fabrice DeClerck
Dr. Fabrice DeClerck, Science Director, EAT
Elphee Medici
Elphee Medici, Nutrition & Health Communications Consultant