Application procedure research grant

Application procedure research grant

No current call. Next call foreseen in 2020

Research projects related to plant-based diets: impact on human health and/or planetary boundaries.

Projects should be based on human studies (animal studies and in vitro studies are not eligible), and should focus on whole foods or plant-based food patterns (not supplements nor one particular bioactive plant compound).

Applications are accepted for a maximum of €50.000 per year (all costs included, VAT and overhead costs).

Maximum project duration two years.

Only research topics which endorse the objectives of the Alpro Foundation can be considered.

Judging criteria are based on

1: excellence (weight 50%)

  • Proposed work is novel and has innovation potential (eg. novel objectives, novel concepts and approaches, potential for innovative results, …)
  • Quality/Credibility of proposed approach/methodology
  • Quality/Credibility of research team

2: Impact (weight 30%)

  • Extent to which the outputs of the proposed work could result in relevant benefits for the European population (eg. towards recommendations, policy makers, …)
  • Extent to which the outputs of the proposed work could increase the understanding on how to change eating behaviour towards more healthy eating
  • Extent to which the outputs of the proposed work could increase the awareness on the environmental impact of dietary habits

3: Quality and efficiency (weight 20%)

  • Clarity and pertinence of the objective
  • Likelihood that the proposed approach can be accomplished within the timeframe
  • Likelihood that the proposed approach can result in publication


Eligible applicants:

  • Must be residents in a European country
  • Must be affiliated to a European university or a European research institute
  • Should hold at least a Master of Science (MSc) degree or equivalent.

Not-eligible projects

  • in vitro and/or animal experiments
  • literature reviews
  • meta-analysis
  • studies focused on supplements or one particular bioactive plant compound
  • research on food production / technology