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Sustainable Nutrient Rich Foods-index


The Sustainable Nutrient Rich Foods-index (SNRF) is a new index which reflects both climate impact and nutritional impact of food products. This index is proposed by Van Dooren et al in the journal “Ecological Economics”.
The Sustainable Nutrient Rich Foods index is based on 7 key nutritional characteristics: energy density combined three nutrients that should be encouraged (plant-based protein, essential fatty acids and dietary fibre) and three nutrients that should be limited (salt, saturated fat and added sugar). By combining these health-related nutritional characteristics with greenhouse gas emissions of food production, foods can be ranked in three groups:
  • indicating foods with a negative nutrient profile and high climate impact
  • indicating foods with a moderate nutrient profile and medium climate impact
  • indicating a positive nutrient profile and low climate impact

The Sustainable Nutrient Rich Foods index can assist in rating food products. This can help consumers make their diets simultaneously more healthy and more sustainable.


Reference: van Dooren, C., A. Douma, H. Aiking and P. Vellinga (2017). “Proposing a Novel Index Reflecting Both Climate Impact and Nutritional Impact of Food Products.” Ecological Economics 131: 389-398.
- Alpro Foundation

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