Plant based eating

What is plant-based eating


Plant-based eating is not about transforming the diet but about making small changes to put plant-based foods first. It is not about giving up animal foods, but about putting plant foods first

Plant-based diets shift the balance in favor of plant foods. However it’s not necessary to eliminate all animal products. Eating smaller amounts of animal foods, and replacing them with more plant-based foods, can bring about major benefits to both our health and the planet.


types of plantbased eating

The health benefits of plant-based diets are not solely due to the lack of animal-derived foods in the diet but also to the increased quantity of plant-based foods.

Plant-based foods are defined as fruit and vegetables, whole-grains, legumes, nuts and seeds and plant-based dairy alternatives. These should make up two-thirds of the diet, with the remaining one-third coming from animal foods.

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- Lynne Garton

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