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Expert opinion EAT-Lancet report


The team of 37 international experts comprising the EAT Lancet Commission has compiled a comprehensive, authoritative review of the scientific evidence around healthy diets and sustainable food systems. They emphasize that food production is one of the largest contributors to climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental changes.

The EAT Lancet report presents, in very stark terms, the risks to the health of the growing population and of the planet unless there is a major change to the provision of healthy diets derived from sustainable food systems. Such diets are primarily plant-based, very low in animal protein and saturated fat. It is critically important to find ways to inform and motivate consumers to adopt these dietary changes and this is the primary focus of Alpro Foundation, which has been promoting plant-based eating for over 20 years via research funding, publications and symposia.

- Prof. Dr. Ian Rowland

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