Scientific Updates

Scientific Updates

Alpro Foundation and its Scientific Advisory Committee want to keep you updated on emerging research data by providing topical, scientific updates on plant-based nutrition and sustainability. View all


Plant-based foods provide a wide range of nutrients that contribute to positive health and well-being: low in saturated fats, contains more fibre and a lot of vitamins and minerals. Plant-based eating is at the core of food-based dietary guidelines around the world. Plant-based eating is a diet made up of at least 2/3 plant-based and less than 1/3 animal-derived foods. View all


A growing global population, environmental impact of choices, increasing urbanization and economic growth are placing a huge demand on worldwide food supplies. This global demand, based on current food consumption patterns is neither sustainable nor feasible. In combination with the health benefits, a number of experts recommend to eat more plant-based foods and reduce intake of animal-based foods.

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Archive of the reviews and conference reports by Alpro Foundation of the past years.