Plant based eating

What is plant-based eating


Currently there is no exact definition of a plant-based diet, yet many people associate this way of eating with being vegetarian, which is not the case. The term “vegetarian” is very broad and encompasses a variety of eating patterns – some include variable amounts of animal foods.

types of plantbased eating

Plant-based eating is not about transforming the diet but about making small changes to put plant-based foods first. It is not about giving up animal foods, but about putting plant foods first. The health benefits of plant-based diets are not solely due to the lack of animal-derived foods in the diet but also to the increased quantity of plant-based foods. Plant foods on which to focus include whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. These should make up two-thirds of the diet, with the remaining one-third coming from animal foods.

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- Lynne Garton

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