Conferences & Symposia

28.11.2019 - VUB, Brussels

Flexitarian diet could cut climate change – How to put the planetary health diet into practice

date and time
28 November 2019: 16:00- 19:00
aula QA - Etterbeek - Brussel

What is the Planetary Health Diet: what are the benefits and how do we put it into practice?

Experts from various fields will give insights in this hot topic climate and its relation to food/diet.

  • Dr. ir. Liesbeth Temme (Wageningen University, NL): What is on our plate: sustainable diets?
  • Dr. ir. Tessa Avermaete (KU Leuven Department of Bio-economics): ‘Climate, food and farming: sustainable diets in a fast-food culture
  • mrs. Lotte Bakker (chairman of the sustainability committee VBVD).