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15.10.2019 - How can we keep our diet within the planetary boundaries

Scientific Symposium @FENS

date and time
15 October 2019: 17:00 - 18:30
Convention Centre Dublin

How can we keep our diet within the planetary boundaries

The aim of this symposium is to explore which dietary changes are needed in the future to stay within the planetary boundaries (eg. global shift towards healthy and more plant-based diets, halving food loss and waste) and how we can involve all stakeholders (from policy makers to consumers) to adopt a more healthy and environmentally-friendly diet.


  • Prof. Dr. Em Harry Aiking (VU Amsterdam – The Netherlands – Expertise: ecotoxicology, environmental management)
  • Prof. Dr. Em. Ian Rowland (Reading University – UK – former head of Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition)



People Planet Healthy: Healthy Diets from Sustainable Production
Dr Fabrice Declerck / EAT Foundation / Montpellier
Persuasion and nudging towards healthier diets: basics and pitfalls
Prof Dr Tim Smits / KULeuven / Institute for Media Studies / Belgium
The value of environmental interventions to promote healthy and sustainable eating
Dr Ellen van Kleef /Wageningen University / Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group / The Netherlands