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24.03.2017 - 20 years celebration symposium

Concert Noble in Brussels

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Plant-based eating is healthy, sustainable and cost efficient
20 years celebration symposium

Remarkable scientific findings were presented by fourteen renowned scientists during the Alpro Foundation’s 20th anniversary symposium “The moment for plant-based eating is now“. The aim of the foundation is to support scientific research on plant-based nutrition and to promote knowledge and awareness of issues around plant-based food and health.

They gave answers to the following questions:

  • Is plant-based eating a hype?
  • Current food habits in Europe, far from plant-based eating?
  • Can more plant-based eating contribute to living longer in good health?
  • How can we convince young people to replace their snacks and soft drinks with healthy foods?
  • How much can the government save in health care costs by promoting plant-based eating?
  • To what extent can our eating habits contribute positively to our planet?


Abstract book and handouts of the presentations can be downloaded below.

The moment for plant-based eating is Now

Abstract book and handouts of the presentations

20 years celebration symposium