About Alpro Foundation


At Alpro Foundation we are passionate about supporting and promoting scientific knowledge and research in the areas of plant-based nutrition, its impact on human health and the sustainability of the planet. We do so to inform and educate our stakeholders without any commercial intention.

We are an independent, scientific authority on plant-based nutrition. Founded in 1996 as an initiative of Alpro SCA.
Alpro SCA is a pioneering company, recognizing the importance of plant-based nutrition for health and planet.

What we do

Our primary focus is to provide scientific resources on plant-based nutrition. We support academics, researchers, health professionals and students by:
• Organizing conferences and student symposia on emerging science in relation to plant-based nutrition;
• Funding research to encourage greater understanding of plant-based nutrition in human health by awarding Alpro Foundation Research Grants to academics;
• Giving prestigious awards to young scientists for a paper relating to the impact of plant-based eating on health or the environment;
• Providing topical, scientific updates on plant-based nutrition and sustainability.

Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee is an international group of experts in the field of nutrition. They inform the Board of Directors on scientific studies and give advise about the grants, symposia and awards.
The Scientific Advisory Committee members are:

Contact us

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