Soy and osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis is characterized by degradation of articular cartilage and formation of bone spurs (or osteophytes). The appearance of bone spurs is one of the primary criteria in defining radiographic osteoarthritis. It appears as outgrowths of cartilage at the margins of joints.

Li et al is the first to examine the association between consumption of soydrink and radiographic features of knee osteoarthritis. In a Chinese population of 5700 adults (>40 y) a daily soy-based alternative to milk was negatively associated with bone spurs on the knee joint. When comparing soy consumers (1 or more portions a day) with never soy users, 50% less bone spurs on the knee joint were observed in the soy-users.

Reference: Li H et al. Relationship between soy milk intake and radiographic knee joint space narrowing and osteophytes. Rheumatol Int 2016;36:1215-22
- Alpro Foundation

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