Changing behaviour: from policy to table


The hot topic of translating policy into practice for more sustainable diets was the theme of our annual online symposium to commemorate our 25 years anniversary. It was held at a particularly pertinent time during the week after the UN global warming conference (COP 26). Insightful presentations were delivered by seven leading experts from Europe and North America, to explore policies, along with scientific insights into how to nudge people into new habits. Topics included ways of communicating with consumers about healthier, more sustainable diets; labelling, and the role of the food environment.

Chairing the symposium were, Professor Ian Rowland from the University of Reading and chair of the Alpro Foundation Scientific advisory board, together with GP Gemma Newman, the Plant Power Doctor.  In their opening remarks, they reminded the audience of the significant role our food systems play with regard to achieving health and environmental policy goals, highlighting that around 30% of all global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are attributed to how we produce, consume, prepare and dispose of food and drinks.

  • Food systems have considerable influence on health and environment as well as the economy, cultural and socio-economic factors. To achieve health and environmental sustainable targets, substantial changes are needed in the way we farm, produce, transport, package, retail and advertise food as well as in consumer dietary behaviour
  • Reductions in the intake of animal food sources and avoidable food waste are critical together with a shift towards more healthy plant-based eating
  • Favourable trends in food consumption towards this are appearing across the globe, but the pace of change is slow. Innovative, evidence-based strategies and government policies are essential to further shift the dial towards diets that can sustain both human and planetary health

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