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Expert opinion EAT-Lancet report


The EAT Lancet report is without any doubts a landmark in the publications regarding effects of nutrition on health and envirroment.

The panel of international scientists under the leadership of Prof. Walter Willet from Harvards University, Boston summarized for the first time all relevant literature in the field of dietary patterns and health and its effects on the enviroment. It is fascinating that a typical healthy diet – based on the dramatic reduction of red meat and saturated fats – can save premature deaths in the range of 20%  and furthermore has environmental benefits is (save water, reduce GHG emission and save land).

The point is, that governments and health organisations are obliged to implement programs,  educations in order to motivate people to be aware of these very important associations and to change their life habits in that direction. Overall  a very important document for the health of the people around the world.



- Prof. Dr. Kurt Widhalm

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