Prof. Dr. Sander Kersten

Chair of Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics at Wageningen University. Professor of Molecular Nutrition at Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Adjunct Professor at Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University (USA).

Sander Kersten holds an MSc in Human Nutrition from Wageningen University, and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from Cornell University USA. He was appointed associate professor in 2006 and full professor in 2011.

Prof. Kersten’s professional career has focused on the study of the mechanisms and functional consequences of gene regulation by lipid, and more recently on receptors for fatty acids (PPARs) and nuclear receptors and his work has made significant scientific contributions to research in this field. His current research interests revolve around the development of the metabolic syndrome and related metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

Another of his areas of research interest is the protein Angptl4, which Prof. Kersten discovered. The highly successful research line on Angptl4 has resulted in publications in several prestigious journals such as Cell Metabolism and Circulation Research.