Lynne Garton

Lynne is a registered dietitian and a qualified nutritionist. She has appeared on the BBC’s ‘The Truth About Food’, Channel 4’s ‘Secret Eaters’ and more recently on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and Save Money; Lose Weight. Lynne graduated from King’s College in London with a degree in Nutrition and Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics. She has worked in the health service as well as industry, and now runs her own unique nutrition consultancy, Alimenta, which provides consultancy services to the media, organizations, associations, and individuals.

Lynne is specifically interested in weight management and the role of plant foods, including phytonutrients, in health and disease. The growing body of evidence supporting plant-based eating, has led her to co-author the book “The Plant-Based Plan: 10 scientific reasons for more plant-based eating”. This provides a thorough review of the scientific evidence supporting plant-based eating, as well as detailing practical suggestions to encourage greater consumption of these foods.

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