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No indications that soy can affect hormone levels in men


No effect of soy or isoflavones on estrogen or testosterone levels in men

  • Meta-analysis of 41 studies
  • Testosteron was measured in 1753 men,
  • Estrogen 2 was measured in 1000 men
  • SHBG was measured in 967 men
  • Regardless of the statistical model, no significant effects of soy protein or isoflavone intake on any of the outcomes were found.



Katharine E. Reed, Juliana Camargo, Jill Hamilton-Reeves, Mindy Kurzer, Mark Messina. Neither soy nor isoflavone intake affects male reproductive hormones: An expanded and updated meta-analysis of clinical studies. Reproductive Toxicology 2020

- Alpro Foundation

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