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Plant-based eating and Gut-Brain Axis


Did you catch our first e-Symposium with on plant-based diets & cardiometabolic health

If you missed the live event, you can now catch up on-demand either in full or in sections! We’ve split the full 3.5 hour session into five easy-to-digest, bite-sized chunks so you can bring yourself up to date as & when you can fit it into your schedule. Catch up for free here
What do you think of these wonderful infographics to capture the key learnings from each talk?

Dr. Bridgette Wilson from King’s College London explained the relationship between the diet, our gut, brain & cardiometabolic health.

  • Microbiota in cardiometabolic disease
  • Interrelationship between diet and mental health
  • Mental health and microbiota
  • How the activity of the microbiota can influence inflammation
  • How diet influences the microbiome
  • How diet influences mental health

Learning objectives

Clear understanding of:
  • Microbiota in cardiometabolic disease
  • Evidence for gut microbiota manipulation for better mental health
  • Evidence for dietary changes for better mental health
Be aware of:
  • How fibre impacts gut health
  • How high protein diets impact gut health
  • Links between healthy eating, gut health and mental health
Be able to:
  • Discuss how improved gut health can improve mental health
  • Discuss how poor mental health is linked to poor diet and vice versa
  • Describe mechanisms of how diet can reduce inflammation through the gut microbiota
- Alpro Foundation

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