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e-book: More plant-based eating for the planet


Sustainable Diets for Better Human and Planetary Health

Alpro Foundation has compiled an e-book focusing on the global dietary shift towards more plant-based diets needed to improve human and planetary health.
This book is an interactive document that you can read on all digital devices. It contains lots of scientific data, figures and videos that will give you a better insight into this complex and challenging topic.

The growing global population, increasing urbanization and economic growth are placing a huge demand on worldwide food supplies. Our current patterns of food consumption and production are unsustainable and we are breaching safe operating limits, particularly with regards to climate change and biodiversity loss. In order to reduce ecological and human health impacts there is a need to reduce overconsumption of protein, reduce overconsumption of calories, reduce food waste and replace animal protein with plant protein.

Read interactive document online or download pdf.


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