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The Plant-based Plan: 10 scientific reasons for more plant-based eating

Cover The Plant-based Plan

To explore both the nutritional, health and environmental benefits of plant-based eating patterns, an extensive review of the scientific literature was conducted by Janice Harland and Lynne Garton end of 2015. This resulted in the publication of the book “The Plant-based Plan”.

The 10 key scientific reasons for more plant-based eating are substantiated in the book:

  1. Plant-based eating patterns tend to be lower in saturated fat
  2. Plant-based eating patterns tend to be higher in unsaturated fat
  3. Plant-based foods are high in fibre
  4. Plant-based foods are typically rich sources of a variety of vitamins and minerals
  5. Plant-based eating patterns are usually low in energy and are nutrient dense
  6. Plant-based eating is integrated in the food-based dietary guidelines
  7. Plant-based eating helps to manage a healthy weight
  8. Plant-based eating reduces the risk of developing certain lifestyle diseases e .g. coronary heart disease, hypertension, and/or diabetes, …
  9. Plant-based eating patterns are environmentally friendly
  10. More plant-based eating helps to promote animal welfare
- Alpro Foundation

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