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15.10.2019 - Shaping our dietary patterns for better human and planetary health

Scientific Symposium – FENS in Dublin

date and time
15 October 2019: 17:00 - 18:30
Convention Centre Dublin

Shaping our dietary patterns for better human and planetary health.

How can we keep our diet within the planetary boundaries ?

The aim of this symposium is to explore which dietary changes are needed in the future to stay within the planetary boundaries (eg. global shift towards healthy and more plant-based diets, halving food loss and waste) and how we can involve all stakeholders (from policy makers to consumers) to adopt a more healthy and environmentally-friendly diet.


  • Prof. Dr. Em Harry Aiking (VU Amsterdam – The Netherlands – Expertise: ecotoxicology, environmental management)
  • Prof. Dr. Em. Ian Rowland (Reading University – UK – former head of Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition)



People Planet Healthy: Healthy Diets from Sustainable Production
Dr Fabrice Declerck / EAT Foundation / Montpellier
Persuasion and nudging towards healthier diets: basics and pitfalls
Prof Dr Tim Smits / KULeuven / Institute for Media Studies / Belgium
The value of environmental interventions to promote healthy and sustainable eating
Dr Ellen van Kleef /Wageningen University / Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group / The Netherlands